Friday, October 25, 2013

My daily calorie plan

I get hungry fairly often during the day, and after 4PM I get REALLY hungry. So I designed my calorie intake with me in mind. I have several snacks in my plan, and small portions at regular mealtimes. For all my meals, including my snacks, I make sure to eat a protein and a carb with a small amount of fat. This is because once in the past I tried the Zone diet, and I have never felt better in my life. (Except the diet included a lot of cooking and I couldn't keep up with it.)

So here's my general daily plan in calories:

Breakfast: 200
Snack: 90
Lunch: 300
Snack: 80
Snack: 80
Dinner: 350
Snack: 150

Total: 1250

This would be the ideal plan. However, I haven't been able to keep to this for a long time. I've been eating larger snacks (100-120 calories) because it's hard to find such small portions when a cheese stick is 70 calories and I still need to add a carb to that. And my dinners have been way higher in calories than it should be. Perhaps I should shift my calories around. I get so hungry at 4-5 PM, and I'm convinced it's because I haven't eaten or slept enough. 

How do you arrange your calorie intake? Any suggestions what I could do to stop being hungry in the evening?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mini-goal meltdown

Last month I set a mini-goal: 240 lbs by Nov 5. Of course, with me hovering at 248 for the past 4 weeks it seems like a hopeless dream.

I haven't given up, mind you, I've heard of this thing called a 'miracle' and I will hold out for it. But in case it doesn't come, I need to officially set a punishment for myself. Proving I Can suggested no coffee for a week. Coffee, however, is what helps me get up at 5AM every morning, so I can't give that up. Her second suggestion was logging something publicly, which seems reasonably dreadful. I haven't been exercising enough anyway, so if I fail to reach 240 by Nov 5, I will log a week's worth of exercises. My rule is that I'll have to find some new forms of exercise, so I won't be telling you about how I walk every day. LOL

In case the 'miracle' happens, I will get to go to the movies. Not holding my breath for that one, though. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tally-Up Week 13

It's Tuesday - time for the truth.

I could copy and paste whatever I wrote for last week, because nothing changed. Same half-hearted effort with eating, same fail every night. Same walking pattern as well. What can I say, at least I'm consistent. 

Same weight too:
My weight this week: 248
Weight lost this week: 0 lbs
Weight lost so far: 12 lbs

The good news is that I haven't been gaining weight. For a very long time I had been consistently gaining weight, so a standstill isn't all that bad. But seriously, I gotta figure out how to get over this phase. Why am I so unmotivated?

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I wish I liked to exercise. In school, gym was such a horrible experience. My class mates were better than me at every form of physical activity, and the teacher always compared me to the skinny kids. So humiliating! Now, years later, I don't like exercise. It's associated with negative experiences.

I think gym teachers should switch their mentality as to the purpose of their class. Who cares if students can shoot a hoop or run 4 miles without hacking up a lung? Instead, gym should be a means to instill in kids that moving and exercise are a pleasurable activity. Instead of forcing kids to compare themselves to each other, they should be shown ways to discover physical activities that they like, so in the future they have a good memory of working out. 

How was your experience with gym in school?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Tally-Up Week 12

Another Tuesday has arrived. I feel like these weigh-ins keep coming faster and faster.

This past week, like recently all the time, I was only able to keep to my diet half of the time. I was good during the day, eating the right amount of calories at the right time. The problem always arises in the evening, with dinner. All I want to eat by the evening is 'carbs and lard' as I call it: bread, butter, fries, fried foods, and dessert. And I have no control over what I'm doing. 

Exercise has been consistent in terms of walking. I didn't walk that much, just about 2 miles 4-5 days during the week, and on the weekend I didn't even leave the couch. 

So, the results are consistent with the effort:
My weight this week: 248
Weight lost: 0 lbs
Weight lost so far: 12 lbs

I'm still convinced that my Cookie Monster alter ego emerges at night because I don't sleep enough. I get way less sleep over the course of the week than I should, but going to bed at night on time is a foreign concept to me. I need to learn to do a better job both with sleep and with staying true to my diet. Ok, see you all here next tuesday! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

October's Goals

The month's on its way, and I haven't set my goals yet.

Last month I vowed to sleep more and not skip snacks. Skipping snacks happens mostly in the afternoon, when I'm rushing to finish work, get to the train, and squeeze in to find a seat. It's hard to keep track of eating right when so many other things are going on

But my biggest enemy is lack of sleep. It;s been a problem for a long time, and now I found actual scientific proof that explains why. And yet I fail at going to bed on time. I'm not a morning person, so if i could have my way, I'd go to bed at 4am and wake up in the afternoon. My bosses have a different idea about "normal schedule", so my alarm goes off at 5:30 every day. Going to bed at 11 or (dare I say it?) midnight is a poor decision on my part. 

So this month I will make just one goal:
Get more sleep! That's it. Simple. Now I just have to find ways to implement it!